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Post Info TOPIC: Quantum 2+2 kitcar - 1.0 ecoboost swap & full rebuild


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Quantum 2+2 kitcar - 1.0 ecoboost swap & full rebuild

Quick introduction:

My name is Tom, I'm 22 and a machinery mechanic. The Quantum was my first car when I passed my driving test in March 2014, based on a 1986 Ford Fiesta mk2 xr2. It started off as a rolling project. Small things like rebushing the suspension, rewiring the headlights and fitting a new exhaust system were done in evenings and weekends between work. It was running the original 1600cvh engine and knackered 5 speed gearbox. The engine was pretty crap, it used lots of fuel, was noisy (especially on cold start while the notorious tappets pumped up) and was pretty gutless. But for a first car it was quicker than anything my friends had - which was obviously the most important thing! I wanted to swap the engine out for something more modern, and started looking into things like a ST170 engine and 'box swap. Then my dad suggested the 1.0 ecoboost engine. I started researching it and the more I thought about it the more it seemed like a good idea. So a low mileage (764 miles!) engine was sourced from a written off focus. That was December 2014, the headgasket went on the CVH over the Christmas period so I took it off the road and started taking it apart.

trying out a DA polisher that goes in the end of a drill. I was bored after doing half the bonnet!


offering the engine and gearbox up for the first time

Despite the block of a 1.0 ecoboost engine occupying the same amount of space as an A4 piece of paper, with the twin cam head & ancillaries fitted the whole unit requires a fair bit of room. Modified sub fram rail going in

bit more clearance required around the turbo

onto the engine mounts

initially I was going to use this gearbox mount from a punto, but it allowed far too much room for the engine to move about, space which wasn't available!


start of the torque reaction mount


left side engine mount, you should recognise where I got the bush idea from!!


gearbox mount/hanger

Driveshafts - The 6 speed gearbox is from a 1.0 ecoboost mk3 focus, and I'm retaining the original hubs and drive flanges. So some bespoke shafts are required. These are just patterns which I can send off to get proper ones made.

same was done for the other side, with the additon of 2 grub screws so I can set the correct length for the shaft. When Im happy I'll weld round them and send them off.






rear trailing arm mount boxes made and painted - getting to grips with the TIG welder


sub frame painted and back on


Thats all the major work done... since then I've built the fuel system, run the brake lines and started fitting shiny Gaz suspension. Delta GDI ECU and loom turned up from specialist components a few weeks ago so I'm not far off being able to start it!One of the reasons this has taken so long is my girlfriend and I decided to convert an old transit into a camper...but it needed extensive welding & new panels...



new chassis outriggers made

along with rear leaf spring hangers, reusing the original bush housing

new driver side step

chassis rail repairs (rotten steel cut out, new peice of 2mm welded in flush and ground down)

Chloe had lots of practice using the grinder!

rear door repair

lots of new metal went into that van!


A few pictures from when we painted it last summer. I wanted to paint it blue, she wanted to paint it purple. So we compromised...and painted it purple!

all done with a roller


and a few of the inside

with a little wood burning stove as well - obviously!

I picked this exceptionally rotten one up a few months ago and cut the roof off...our transit will be undergoing a high top swap in the next few weeks!


I'll keep this updated :)


Quantum kitcar - project Transit mk5 smiley camper - project Transit custom discovery td5

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Hey Tom, I just spotted your build thread and I have to say, you don't hang about. Nice work on the Tranny camper. I wish I had half your skills. Any more updates on the Quantum kitcar?

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